The original automated               colostrum stirring system.

If you’ve had the dubious pleasure of stirring up the colostrum tank – you will understand completely the benefits of the Calfmate colostrum stirring system, developed and manufactured by Agweld Engineering in Southland – where the grass is always greener.

Calfmate utilises an easy to install kitset motor, along with stainless steel paddles which are uniquely designed to get maximum lift and mix of the colostrum without separation, ensuring a smooth even mix in the tank.

A smooth even mix of all particles within the tank reduces greatly the chance of your young stock getting scours and other bugs that can really knock them around. 

This revolutionary easy-fit Calfmate stirring system saves time and the effort of having to mix the tank by hand… something your calf rearer will thank you for!

Capitalise on the goodness of colostrum with the original automated Calfmate colostrums stirring system, and you’ll reap the financial benefits of calves enjoying a strong and healthy start.

Ask for Calfmate by name from your local rural supplies store, or get all the details from the design team at Agweld Engineering.


A close-up of the Italian designed motor, which we have had great success with, along with the mounting base.  
This sits proud of the top of the tank.  Coming down from this (inside the tank) is the paddle shaft with the blades (number of blades depending on what size Calfmate is ordered) attached either near the base of the tank...OR with blades near the base and again further up the paddle shaft if it is the larger model Calfmate.



This shows the completed unit mounted to the top of the tank.... we manufacture the size of the stirring system to suit the tank size. 
Either the Agweld team can install the Calfmate Stirring System to your new or existing tank....or you can do it yourself as it comes in a kit-set form.

                    is designed to roll the milk to keep an even, consistent mix. This helps eliminate separation which can cause scouring and other bugs and nasties that can knock your calves early growth.

We design and manufacture the       stirring system to suit the size of the operation – AND... to suit the materials  that are to be stirred.... ie: molasses, dry fertiliser particles, liquid urea tanks etc.


Theres nothing we can’t stir!
            (well, we haven’t found it yet.)